Recently, we wrote about the advantage and disadvantage to sealing your own marble surfaces. You now know that one of the challenges with applying sealer is selecting the right type of sealer. Marble restoration professionals are trained to know which sealer works best in any given scenario. Remember there are many low-quality sealers that form a layer on the surface of the marble, inhibiting breathability. This as you know, is not ideal since it results in unsightly wear-and-tear and permanent damage.

We recently did work for a couple who had purchased sealer from a hardware store. They didn’t understand why it looked so bad, ‘the label says it’s for natural stone.’ We are all too familiar with their sentiments, whether you’re having your stone professionally sealed or you’re looking to do it yourself, here are some things remember:

–    Topical sealer
–    Anything that adds shine
–    Any type of lacquer or varnish

Look for:
–    Penetrating sealer
–    Impregnating sealer

In review, you can seal your own marble, but it’s well worth it to have your marble professionally sealed.

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